If you walk into my house, you might notice I don’t have a ton of decorations on the wall. But my walls are far from empty. What you’ll see is many photos on the walls. I LOVE photos and love having them hang in my house.

I also love looking through photo albums, and have since I was a small child. So, you’ll find lots of albums and photo books on my shelves. My daughters all enjoy looking back through the photos from across the years.

Do you remember floppy disks? The actual floppy ones, and then the smaller, hard “floppy” disks? I do, but barely. And I certainly couldn’t tell you where to take one to get files read from it. Imagine if most of the family photos your parents had from your childhood lived on floppy discs. Now imagine, in 20 years, that most of your childrens’ photos were on CDs and DVDs. They might not be able to view them! Many computers even now are sold without CD drives, because in this world of digital, CDs are becoming obsolete.

“But Rachelle,” you say, “I have unlimited cloud storage!” That’s fantastic! And your digital photos should absolutely be backed up, but even cloud storage can fail. Things can happen, and someday down the road your kids *might* not be able to access those photos!

So, please, print those photos! Make albums! Hang large prints and canvases on the wall (the bigger the better!). Venia Photography loves being able to provide high quality prints and products for use in your home, but there are other options for printing as well! I’m happy to help you figure out the best way to keep your memories and enjoy them in your daily life!


Venia Photography is located in Albany, Oregon, and has a studio in Jefferson, Oregon. Available for all your photography needs, and also willing to travel!